Construction Closeout & Commissioning Management

Rail and Train Unloader
• Trains, Max 2,500 metres
• Overland conveyor – 5.6km, belt width 1,800mm

• Stockpile Capacity Storage – 1.85 Mt Avg
• Stockyard footprint average 920m long x 240m wide
• One overhead gantry stacker 920m Length x 240m Wide
• 2 x 920 Tunnel Reclaim Conveyors - 2,000 mm belt

Port and Shiploader
• 1200 tonne surge bin
• Wharf Conveyor 2 km, offshore
• Shiploader - 8,500 tph


Governance & Shared Values

Leveraging resources and innovation towards structured controlled frameworks, functions, and processes.

Aligning the creation and delivery of unique products, services, or results, delivering optimised business value to investments.

Meeting strategic goals, benefits, and operational objectives.

About Baseline Management

Baseline is a proprietary boutique company, established in 2004. Working within projects domestically within Australia and abroad such as Africa and the Asia Pacific region. Projects ranging from $50 million up to $3 billion.

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