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5,702 Respondents from a PMI Global Survey in 2018, of Project Professionals, Executives and PMO Office’s reported the following;

31%          • Of Projects failed to meet project initial objectives Goals or Design Purpose

43%          • Of Projects failed to meet the approved project budget

48%          • Of Projects failed to meet project schedule leading to huge financial losses

52%          • Of Projects inherited severe Scope Creep, A product of initial incomplete / I’ll defined Scope

Identified Root Causes

38%          • Lack of active executive sponsorship / leadership

          • Executives fail to recognise effective project or program management Strategy

                  • Weak alignment between initiatives and projects that delivery against the strategy

                  • C-Suite Executives fail to recognise the full potential of the project management process to execute strategy

84%          • Executive’s believe they are effectively prioritising and funding the right initiatives and projects

55%          • Project Management Office ( PMO’s ) leaders agree, that the “Executives believe they are effectively prioritising and funding the right initiatives and projects”

Suggesting; organisations prioritise investment in strategy development over strategy execution

• A disconnect between Executives and Project Managers on funding for strategy implementation
• Organisations not leveraging optimum focus and investment to deliver strategy
• Organisations who are ineffective with Project Management waste 21 times more capital, than organisations with higher-performing project management capabilities. This is not to say that those higher-performing organisations are well in tune with overall strategy execution and delivery.


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